Live to Tell 85

Ru: Thinking: Oh! He said that I'm awesome and sweet! How embarrassing! ...Why hasn't Wolufu said such a cute thing to me? Tee hee!
Sally: Thinking: Why hasn't Josh ever said such things to me?
Wolufu: ...
Josh: Hm, your name is Vulpa right? Thinking: I'm sure that I've heard that name before... Oh yes! I remember! Are you Spinel's girlfriend? He told me a lot about you but I don't remember him saying that you were so muscular!
Vulpa: Heh yes, I'm his girlfriend... Sorry for not telling you before.
Josh: Oh no, you don't need to apologies, Since I've never met you before, how could I have guessed? Anyway I understand now why he fell in love with you!
Vulpa: Oh! Thanks! You going to embarrass me! Tee hee!
Josh: I hope that he doesn't get angry with me for the things I said to you before, ha ha! Thanks for helping Sally! Now if you are here I bet that Spinel must have come with you! Where is he?
Vulpa: Thinking: Gulp, I was sure that he would ask for him soon... Uh, well... err... Spinel...

Suddenly a vehicle stops nearby...

Ru: Hey, what is that thing?!
Sally: Oh! It's the Killer Fists Boss' vehicle! They called their boss here! They're really taking this serious! Oh no!
KFG Hooligan: Ha ha ha ha! Now our boss is here! You will regret daring to challenge us!!
KFG Big Hooligan: Ugh... Y-yeah, you will learn that you can't fuck with us! Our boss is very strong and she will kick your ass!
Vulpa: What? Thinking: Did he say she?!

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