Live to Tell 84

Ru: Vulpa! Hey, it seems you taught them their lesson! And you rescued Sally's friend!
Sally: Thank you very much for helping my friend Ms. Vulpa! I was worried about you because I heard a gunshot!
Vulpa: Oh! Y-you are here! G-great! Now we are all together again! Thanks Sally, but you don't need to worry, that kind of weapon can't hurt me...
Wolufu: I can see that you've beaten them all!
Vulpa: Heh, y-yes but that was because they didn't listen me and they were really rude, I didn't have any choice... Thinking: *sigh* These kids saved me...!
Josh: Sally! How are you, baby? Heh, I'm glad that you are fine, it looks like you made some really good friends!
Sally: Oh Josh! Look at you! Did those wicked guys hurt you very much?
Josh: Well I received a really bad beating, but it was because those cowards all attacked me together. Don't worry, I guess that I'll get better in a while... Anyway I'm glad because we are together now, heh.
Ru: Hi! You must be Sally's friend! Pleased to meet you! Now I understand why Vulpa wanted to help you; you are a very cute boy... Tee hee!
Josh: W-well I'm p-pleased to meet you too, thank you! You are very lovely! Heh!
Ru: Oh my! You're very hurt! Let me help you!
Josh: Mh? Oh! Woah! Thinking: Oh, wow! What is this? This is a kind of medicine magic! I'm starting to lose all the pain and the injuries are disappearing! I-I feel full of energy!!! SO COOL! Y-you are awesome! You MUST be Vulpa's sister! You cured me and now I feel better than ever!
Ru: It was a pleasure! Tee hee!
Josh: Thank you, thank you very much! You are such a sweet and awesome little girl!
Ru: ...T-thanks...

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