Live to Tell 83

Vulpa: Heh ok I will forgive you, don't worry you weren't in danger, but I think that you will walk funny for a few days. Your gun didn't have any bullets because I took them out it before I put the gun in your ass. I just wanted to give you the fright of your life, and teach you a lesson. You seem to only be a poor wimp he he he he. I hope that you will behave better now!
Todd: Y-You fu....
Vulpa: I'm what?! Grrrr....
Todd: Errrr I was going t-to say miss Wolf!!!! Heh and t-thanks for forgiving m-me heh *glup*!
Vulpa: Well that's better! Now do you see that you can be a nice guy too? I hope I won't have to give you another lesson.
Josh: Thinking: That was a little extreme! But he really did deserve that he he he he...
Vulpa: Hi! You must be Josh! Did they hurt you too much? I can help you to get up if you want. Thinking: Oh! This boy is very cute! tee hee
Josh: Thanks! I think that I will be fine now thanks to you! You must be like my guardian angel. You are really cute! What's your name? I really need to know who this awesome heroine girl that saved me is!
Vulpa: V-Vulpa, t-thanks! Thinking: Oh! Wow! He's so sweet! I never thought that someone could say such thing to me after I got so muscular! It seems if he likes me! But Spinel is the only owner of my heart! Oh what should I do now?!

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