Live to Tell 82

Todd: W-what will you do to me?!
Vulpa: No more good girl for you, I told that I'd give you a lesson that you would never forget remember? You say that you like to fuck the girls in the ass? Well the girls don't like to be penetrated there because that hurts and mainly they don't like to be raped, so I will let you feel what it would be like if someone put something in your ass when you don't want it and give you a taste of your own medicine.
Todd: What the fuck do you mean?
Vulpa: THIS is what I mean! Let me see if YOU like it!
Todd: YIIIIIIIIPE!!!! Oh my F... god!!!! What the fuck are you doing to me, bitch?!!!! This fuckin' thing is very sensitive and it could go off in me in any moment!!!! Oh my god!!!! Please take this fucking thing out of meeeeee!!!! Argh!!!!
Vulpa: Hum! Who is the hysterical bitch now? Oh! Are you afraid that your own gun could accidentally fire in your ass? Heh, perhaps you should say goodbye to your balls and your sausage, or the bullet could pierce all your organs and exit by your belly or your chest giving you some really horrible pain before you die! Do you know something? I'm starting to want to kick you there right now for see what happens...! He he he he!
Todd: NOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh please forgive me! I'm sorry for all I've done! Put please don't hurt me, oh my god!

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