Live to Tell 201

Lady Vanora: One day, I had been spending time with my husband when suddenly, Omega's Stalkers attacked our kingdom...

Dragoness warrior: Lady Vanora! Lord George! We are under attack, it's Omega's Stalkers again!
We sent some warriors for a counterattack, but we need your command and orders, as well as Lord George's spells.
Lady Vanora: Oh no! Not again! We will be with you shortly!
Lord George: I wonder when this terrible war will end...

Omega's Stalker Captain: Venga! Venga! Matemos a estos malditos reptiles de una vez por todas y su oro sera nuestro!!
Dragon warrior: There they are!! On the beach!! Show no mercy against those monsters!!
Omega's Stalker Captain: Disparad!!! Matadlos a todos!!! Ja ja ja ja!!!

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