Live to Tell 86

KFG Boss: Ok who's the asshole that's fucking with our business here? hm....
Vulpa: Thinking: So she's their boss... she looks strong but I wonder HOW strong...
KFG Hooligan: Y-yes miss, it's that bitch with that fucking guy who refuse to pay the toll and those stupid kids over there.
KFG Big Hooligan: You must believe us, we attacked her but she gave us all a real ass kickin' ! She's a lot stronger than she looks!
KFG Boss: WHAT?! Don't try to fuck with me! You made me come here just for that bitch? All of you can't have been beaten by just one slut! If you're talkin' shit to me you're gonna regret it, motherfuckers!
KFG Big Hooligan: No no! It's no shit!
KFG Hooligan: I swear it! I saw it myself how she kicked everybody's ass!

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