Live to Tell 69

Todd: Hm! Now I see that you don't have any money with you or any valuable shit to offer and pay the toll... That means that you're in big fucking trouble bitch! But don't worry... you can pay us in another way... He he he he...
Vulpa: Thinking: I don't like how that sounds... and this jerk really knows how to piss someone off! I think that I won't be able to stand this anymore!
Todd: Well if you let me fuck your asshole and you suck the others dicks, I guess that you might pass slut, he he he he...
Vulpa: Eeeek!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!
Todd: GAK!!!
Vulpa: That's enough, you've really drained my patience asshole! Who do you think you are?! That's no way to treat a girl, you fucking bastard! I wont forgive you! I'll give you a lesson that you'll never forget!
Todd: Gk! gk! gllllh! gasp! gasp! gh! gasp!

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