Live to Tell 70

Vulpa: I will spare your life for now, and I hope you will think very carefully next time before you treat other girls with such manners, fucking moron!
Todd: Yiiiipe! Ugh!
Big Hooligan: You fucking bitch! I will teach you that you can't fuck with the Killer Fists!
Vulpa: Thinking: Hm, I guess that it'll be enough to beat them without using too much strength... If I punch or kick them seriously I might kill them. Although they deserve it, I don't want to kill other kemonos... Really? Don't make me laugh! Take this!
Big Hooligan: Ugh! Oh! *cough* *cough* uooooh!
Vulpa: Huh? What happened? Oh I see! That really hurt, don't you think? Don't worry in a second you will faint and you won't feel any more pain...
Big Hooligan: Ooooooooh....
Vulpa: Sweet dreams asshole...
KFG Hooligans: Grrrr!!
KFG Hooligan: Looks like you want to die, don't you bitch?
Vulpa: What´s going on? Are you angry because I kicked your boyfriend's ass? Ok, if you want to fight I will be pleased to satisfy you! But I won't be responsible if you end up with some broken bones...

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