Live to Tell 68

Killer Fists Gang Hooligan: Hey! Looks like Todd brought another intruder into our new territory, heh.
Josh: Uh?! Thinking: Oh it's a girl! She's trying to defend me! Oh no! She's going to get in big trouble! I have to help her, but Im too weak now, damn!
Vulpa: First Im not a bitch! I'm a wolf girl! Don't you have any shame? How can you treat another kemono that way? This isn't our way to behave! You should be ashamed of yourselves for this!
KFG Hooligans: Ha ha ha ha!!!
KFG Hooligan: What the fuck is fucking going on with this fucking bitch?! She must be fucking crazy!!! Hey Todd, be careful... She looks strong; she might get hysterical and scratch you or somethin'! Ha ha!
Todd: Don't worry she's a muscled fucking bitch, but a bitch just the same! I hope you won't try to play the heroine here or I will make you eat your own teeth! He he he he! Uh?! She's scared! Look how she's trembling, he he he he!! Don't be so fucking afraid slut... If you're willing, we'll play nice with you, heh...
Vulpa: Thinking: I'm not trembling from fear... I'm trembling because I'm starting to feel a great desire to kill this stupid asshole now, and I don't know if I can control myself anymore!!! I want to solve this peacefully, but I guess that it won't be possible!

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