Live to Tell 188

In another part of the Hopeless Swamps, on one side of a big rock, there is a dimensional gate that can't be seen nor used by evil beings. That gate leads to a garden created by Alpha, a place to give hope to the good people that travel through the swamp. A little paradise in the middle of hell so the pure souls can take a break. This place is one of Alpha's shrines, guarded by the Alpha priestess, Rupo.

Ru: *Giggles*
Vulpa: There, now you're all clean Ru. Thank you very much for everything Miss Rupo, but is it okay to be taking a bath in your river? With all the dirt and mud we brought from that cursed place...
Rupo: Don't worry Vulpa, the water in this place is blessed. Any kind of pollution or evil disappears completely when it enters this river.
Ru: Hey Wolufu! Why are you over there? Come join us! The water feels wonderful!
Wolufu: Err..... N-no thanks, I will take a bath later hehehe.... *Gulp* Thinking: I hope Rupo isn't reading my thoughts right now!
Ru: Come on Wolufu! Don't be shy! If you don't come here, then I'm going to splash you!!! Tee hee hee!
Wolufu: Hey! No! Stop that, you meanie!! Hahahahaha!!!!

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