Live to Tell 187

Rupo: I will answer your question. My name is Rupo, I'm a priestess of Alpha. Hidden deep inside this swamp there's a shrine I protect. It was put there long time ago by Alpha to give some shelter, hope, and rest to the good kemonos who have to pass through this evil place. One day I heard a help call and I had to leave the shrine to help that poor soul, but it was the Omega's Chimera who took the shape of a child to lure me out. He was so skilled that he also managed to hide his evil thoughts from me and caught me off guard. That's when I got possessed. Thankfully my willpower was strong enough he was only able to use my body and my skill to read hearts, but not all of my powers, like he could with your big sister. Thanks to you I'm free, and I will always be grateful to you all.
Ru: Yay! That's awesome!
Wolufu: Woooow! An priestess of Alpha! It's an honor to meet you!
Ru: Oh yes! Poor Vulpa! I almost forgot about her!
Wolufu: True! She fainted after being inside the belly of that monster! She was swallowed because of me! I'm so sorry Vulpa!
Ru: Don't worry Vulpa, I'll heal you now!
Rupo: Please let me aid her, it's the least I can do after all you have done for me.
Ru: Thank you!
Rupo: Hmm, this should be enough.
Vulpa: Uh! Ugh, that was disgusting, thank you for saving me!
Ru: Yay Vulpa! You're alright!
Wolufu: It's good to see you with us again, hehe.
Ru: Thank you very much miss, I don't know what to say! There are a lot of things I would like to ask you! We are so lucky we found you.
Vulpa: I agree with Ru! Maybe you could tell us more about Alpha? Or give us some advice on how to find him or her.
Rupo: I like that you have such a thirst for knowledge, but don't you think it would be better if we head to the shrine first? It's not too far away from here. All of us are tired after that battle, and also we'll be able to clean ourselves since we are all covered with mud and dirt. We will have time to talk about Alpha later.
Wolufu: Now that you mention it, we are a bit dirty.
Ru and Vulpa: *Giggles*

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