Live to Tell 186

Rupo: Quick young Ru, use your healing magic on the monster! It's the only way to destroy him.
Ru: Huh? .... Yes miss! Oh! M-my healing magic is hurting him!
Omega's Chimera: Urrgh! You motherfucker!
Rupo: Well done Ru! Now I'll finish him off! PURIFY!!!!
Omega's Chimera: WAAAAAAAARGH!!! ....
Rupo: *Whew* It's finally over.
Ru: Wow! Thinking: Who is she? That magic she used was so powerful that nothing remains of that monster, and also it made a plant grow in the middle of this place filled with pollution!
Wolufu: T-that was awesome! Thinking: She's so strong! She was able to use her powers even after being possessed by that thing.
Rupo: Thank you very much, you were able to release me from the possession of this creature at the service of Omega, and thanks to you it was easier to destroy it. Simple magic can't kill this kind of creature, only the healing or purification magic can. If you had kept fighting him, you would have ended up being possessed as well...
Ru: Oh thank you! I didn't know that, miss. But, may I ask, who are you? You seem to be a very powerful kemono. You also have the red marks under your eyes like me and my friend Wolufu, and I'm even more curious about your 4 tails!!

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