Live to Tell 189

After some well deserved rest, Rupo taught Ru a new spell that would be sure to be very useful later on. "Purification". This spell was even stronger than the "Heal" spell and it can purify any kind of polluted water, soil or living being, as well as can cure critical wounds or remove poisons.

Rupo: Well done Ru! You've learned this magic pretty fast!

Then Rupo told them that to find Alpha, they still had a long way to go. They should head always towards the west and cross a great ancient ocean. After that, they will know they are close to Alpha when they face a test that he will put on their way. Before leaving the shrine, Rupo gave them a gift for the trip. A bottle filled with the special water from the shrine. This water can cure injuries, illness or poison as well, and with just a sip, they wouldn't need to drink water for a whole day, even if they were in the hottest of all deserts.

Then, the party prepares to start their journey once more.

Vulpa: Thank you for everything, Rupo. When all this is finished, we'll come visit you again some day.
Wolufu: Thanks Miss Rupo, take care!
Ru: See you later Miss Rupo, we'll never forget you. Thank you very much for all the help.
Rupo: Goodbye children, I wish you success in your journey and a safe travel. Thinking: I'm sure you can do it, chosen one.

While our friends continue their journey, in another part of the world, a calm and beautiful place which was one of the last ones to remain like that was about to change....

Omega's Stalker 1: Huh hu hu hu hu, ich wettete, dass ich mehr von ihnen als sie töte!
Omega's Stalker 2: Sie nie stehen eine wahrscheinlichkeit, ihn zu reagieren he he he he

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