Live to Tell 182

Omega's Chimera: Hahahahahah! Yes! This is the same magic your sister used against lord Omega! MIRROR BOND!!!!
Ru: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Thinking: I never imagined this magic would be so powerful! I feel like if my body was being torn apart!!! Kyaaaah!!!! Uh.... Uuuuh.... I... I can't m-move.
Omega's Chimera: Heheheheh... now you little cunt, I've changed my mind, I'll eat you first then your friend will be next!
Ru: Unh, ungh! She's pretty strong! I can't g-get free!
Omega's Chimera: You are weak after my attack, you won't escape! I'm gonna enjoy eating you! Waha hahahah!!!!
Ru: NOOOOO!!!! Wolufu!!! help meeee!!!!
Wolufu: Uh?...R-Ru?... Ru is in danger!

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