Live to Tell 181

Omega's Chimera: W-What?!
Ru: Now I'll defeat you! MEGA HOWL!!!!
Omega's Chimera: WAAAARGH!!!!
Ru: Now I must see how can I help Wolufu, and how to rescue my sister from that monster's stomach!
Omega's Chimera: Huhuhuhuhuh *cough* ungh! T-that hurt a lot, you l-little cunt!
Ru: Oh! This can't be! She was able to get up after getting hit by my Mega Howl!
Omega's Chimera: It s-seems you didn't use all your power in that attack... I b-bet that's because you know your sister is still inside me. You are afraid to hurt her as well, huh? But now, thanks to your magic attack, I'll crush you with one of your sister's best techniques!!! Hahahahah!!!
Ru: O-one of my sister's best techniques?... W-What is this aura that's surrounding me? ... OH NO!!!!

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