Live to Tell 183

Omega's Chimera: Ungh!
Ru: Wolufu!
Omega's Chimera: Urgh!
Wolufu: Are you okay, Ru? Thanks to your call for help I was able to snap out of it.
Ru: Yes, thank you very much for saving me again, Wolufu.
Omega's Chimera: FUCK!!! Who dares to interrupt me while I'm trying to eat!?!?
Ru: .... But we still need to find out how to rescue Vulpa from that monster, she's pretty strong! And we can't use magic against her. Any ideas Wolufu? W-Wolufu!
Wolufu:.... Leave this to me Ru. Grrrr!!! Y-you bastard! You played with the things I love most! My mother was everything to me, and losing her was very painful! You insulted her memory by using her image to lure me, and not only that, you tried to take away from me my new family... I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!!!!
Omega's Chimera: Ah! Seems you were able to wake up, huh? You little son of a bitch, I guess I'll make you suffer before eat you. You won't stand a chance against me, I'll defeat you just like I did with your friend, Hahahahah!!!!
Wolufu: Maybe you know how Ru fights because you absorbed Vulpa, but Vulpa didn't train me! LIGHT SPEED ATTACK!!!!
Omega's Chimera: ERRRRGH!!!!

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