Live to Tell 178

Vulpa: OH SHIT!!! That thing isn't Wolufu's mother!!!! Watch out Wolufu!!!!
Ru: Oh no!! Wolufu!!!
Wolufu: Umph!!!!

Vulpa manages to pull Wolufu out of the way, but the monster traps Vulpa with it's jaws and starts swallowing her!

Vulpa: Ungh! unhf!!!! Thinking: I-I can't move, t-this thing... It's making me drowsy ....
Wolufu: Uh... what happened? Vulpa!!! B-but what is that!? S-she isn't my m-mom....
Ru: Oh no! She's swallowing Vulpa!!!! We must do something!!!!
???: *Gulp!* Ah! Delicious! This one has a lot of energy! I was planning to eat the little one but this one was worth it, heheheheh! Now with all this new energy... you are next! Bwahahahahah!

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