Live to Tell 179

Ru: Wolufu! Pull yourself together! We must fight together and rescue Vulpa! Wolufu! Grrrr! What have you done!?
???: Heheheheh, he won't react! Your friend is in shock now, that's just what happens to my victims when I disguise myself as their loved ones and suddenly attack them.
Ru: Grrrr! You're terrible!
???: Now I'll introduce myself... I'm Omega's Chimera, a being who can possess a body and use it to absorb other kemonos' powers as I eat them, just like I did with your sister! The kemono I posessed was originally a feral kemono named Rupo. She had a pretty interesting ability, the ability to read others' souls and hearts. That, along with my shapeshifting skills, made her was the perfect host! I can absorb other kemonos like I did with your little friend by using their feelings against them, heheheheh! Now be ready, because you and your friend will be the dessert! Hahahahah! *slurp*... Are you scared?
Ru: You don't scare me! You've made me angry! You ate my sister... and what you did to Wolufu is unforgivable! You played with his feelings and took advantage of him!! I'LL DEFEAT YOU!!!!
Omega's Chimera: Hahahahah!! This will be fun! I like to play with my food!
Ru: You'll regret this!!!
Omega's Chimera: Oh! Where did she go?!
Ru: What!? But..!!!
Omega's Chimera: You think your speed will help you against me? You'll have to think twice, not only have I absorbed your sister's powers, but her knowledge as well! Since she was the one who trained you, I can predict all of your moves as if I could read your mind! You're in big trouble now, heheheheh!

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