Live to Tell 177

While Omega was preparing his elite warriors for battle, Ru and her group were walking through a dark and isolated place known as "The Hopeless Swamps". But the scenery alone was nothing compared to what they would find there...

Ru: Vulpa, I don't like this place, it's so gloomy, and smells pretty bad.
Vulpa: I know it's not the best place we have been, but this is the only short cut to the next town. We need to get new equipment and more supplies as soon as possible.
Wolufu: You are right Vulpa, but I must agree with Ru. I don't like this place.

Suddenly, a ghostly but familiar voice comes out of nowhere calling for Wolufu.

???: Wolufu.... come here.... it's me....
Wolufu: What?! Thinking: That v-voice! could it be...!? *Gasp*!!!!
???: Wolufu, don't you recognize me? It's me Saria, your mother.
Wolufu: That voice! That scent! It's y-you!! Mom!! *Snivel* *snivel*!! MOTHER!!!!
Ru: Oh! This is so wonderful! His mother didn't die fighting Omega after all! This is so beautiful!
Vulpa: Hmmm, y-yes, but don't you think this is pretty weird Ru? She just showed up here! Not to mention only Wolufu was able to hear her calling at first... Plus she has a strange smell around her.
Wolufu: M-mommy! *Hic* *snivel* I-I can't believe this! *hic* I thought you died after you threw me to the river that day Omega attacked our pack!! I'm s-so happy to see you alive, we can be together again! T-this is like a dream!
???: But this is real my dear son, and nothing will tear us apart again.
Ru: Thinking: I'm so glad for Wolufu, this seems too good to be true.
???: Yes my dear Wolufu, we'll be together forever.... heheheheh.
Ru: W-what is that!? There's something wrong with Wolufu's mother!!!!

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