Live to Tell 168

Ru: Oh! She can use it as well!
Wolufu: I can't believe this!
Vulpa: Hmmhh... Thinking: Damn! Not only does she possess healing magic, but she can use it on herself too!
Urara: As you can see, my wounds are completely healed. It's a nice spell, although it can't cure illness, poisons or purify pollution like Ru's healing magic. Anyway, all my clothes are destroyed and I'm all dirty... Seems I'll need a shower.
Vulpa: Heh well, we could give you one of my sister's spare clothes, but since you don't need our "pity", you´ll have to stay half naked for a while.
Urara: Hmph, speak whatever you want, but I can take care of myself... DUSCHE JETZT!!!!
Vulpa: What the fuck!?!?
Urara: Heheh, having Demonic skills can be pretty useful; now I'll take a shower. But before I do, I think I'll help you a little bit... I noticed that Ru can use healing magic, which explains why all your injuries and wounds are gone Vulpa, but it seems that your sister only has used it on other kemonos before. I can see she's still wounded. Even if you used all those bandages and medicine on her, she wouldn't recover completely for quite a few days. Well Ru, you never considered using that healing magic on yourself, I suppose?
Ru: Oh, that´s true!!!! I never thought about it before!!!

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