Live to Tell 167

Urara: Then, I decided to meet you out here so I could challenge you, and you know the rest.... I forced you to fight against me 'cause for my people, it's a great insult when you don't accept a challenge from someone, but I guess I overdid it.
Vulpa: I see... well, I guess you had a hard time with Omega, too. You are like us after all, but you really were such an asshole a while ago.
Wolufu: ....
Ru: Oh! That was saddening, your life was so harsh..... But that doesn't mean you had to be so mean and rude to us! You almost killed my sister... I'm not sure if I'll be able to forgive you at all!
Urara: Your big sister almost killed me with that magic attack as well, so we can forget about this now don't you think? I already apologized to you, what else do you want? To kneel and beg for forgiveness?
Ru: Well, no.... b-but...
Vulpa: It's ok, let's not argue about this anymore, at least she apologized and kept her word. Anyway, although you might not deserve it, we can atleast spare some bandages and medicine for your wounds.
Urara: Hmph! I don't need your pity, that's only for the weak and pathetic.
Vulpa: Well then asshole, we just wanted to be polite, but if you don't want our help, that's pretty much fine by me.
Urara: Heheh, I never said I needed your help, your little sister isn't the only one who can use healing magic... "HEILEND!".

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