Live to Tell 169

Ru: Ok, I will give it a try, hope this works.... Hmmmm.... Oh! I feel completely restored!!
Vulpa: That's great Ru!! I never though that you could use that magic on yourself as well!!
Wolufu: This is awesome! I'm glad for you, Ru!
Ru: My body doesn't hurt or feel tired anymore!! I guess you aren't that bad after all Urara, t-thank you!
Urara: Hmph! don't get me wrong, I didn't gave you that advice because I'm nice... I owed you a favor, that's all.
Ru: B-but...
Urara: Hmmm!! Kleidung Jetzt!! As you can see, I need nothing from a weakling like you...
Ru: Hmph, maybe you aren't a bad kemono, but you're still pretty rude and spoiled.

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