Live to Tell 164

Wolufu: Oh!, Vulpa! Ru is awake!
Ru: Huh, oh hello everyone! I g-guess I've been sleeping for a little bit.
Vulpa: And it was a well deserved rest, sister. You were our heroine today, heh.
Wolufu: Yes, also we cleaned you and applied some bandages while you were asleep, I hope you're doing better Ru.
Ru: Tee hee, thank you, yes I'm feeling better, I guess the rest was helpful, too.
Vulpa: Well since you're awake its time to give you new clothing, this time you wont have any excuse to deny one of our spare dresses since your old one was completely destroyed. Here! I bet you're gonna like it, and there is some extra stuff too.
Ru: Oh! Vulpa! It's like my old one, and the arm and legs warmers are like the ones that mom had!!! I like this one very much, thank you!!!!
Vulpa: Heh, at least you left that stubborn attitude, and you really needed some new clothing. I bet that mom and dad would have been pretty happy to see you wearing this.
Urara: Aaaarrrgh!!!! Jemand zahlt für dieses!!!! [Translation: Someone will pay for this!!!!]
Vulpa: Cht! it seems she woke up a bit earlier than I expected.
Urara: Grrrr!!!! What the hell iz thiz!?!? I can't move!!!!
Wolufu: ....
Ru: ....

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