Live to Tell 165

Urara: Waaaarrrrgh!! How dare you to do this to ME while I was unconscious!? You better release me NOW!! Or you'll see how TERRIBLE I can be!!!!
Ru: We won't release you unless you start behaving, and apologize for what you did to us! You were very mean and rude!
Vulpa: In your current situation, you can't demand anything. Also, I've put magic seals on the ropes and on your Jagan, so you won't be able to do anything right now.
Wolufu: And why do you expect us to release you after you attacked us and used that terrible spell on me?? You aren't very reliable.
Urara: Uh, w-well, I'm... I'm a warrior with honor, I give you my word I won't attack you if you release me. 'Cause you defeated me...due to my people's traditions, I owe you a favor and an explanation.
Vulpa: Oh really? Well some hours ago you almost killed me; it seems you can't control yourself... not to mention you seriously injured my sister! So your word alone isn't enough for us. I want you to apologize to me, my sister, and Wolufu. Now!!
Urara: Err, well I guess I thought you were stronger than you looked and maybe I overdid myself a bit....*Sigh* Ok, I'm s-sorry I offended your sister and made you fight me against your will.
Vulpa: What? Can't you say it louder? So all of us can hear you, heh.
Vulpa: Well that was better. I guess I can release you, or at least I'll remove one seal for now...
Urara: Hey!!! Be careful with that thing!!!
Vulpa: Heh, these seals are very sticky you know?. So, what do you think Ru? Can we trust her?
Ru: Hmmm, I guess she said the truth... although she's pretty rude and mean, she doesn't smell like Omega. I think she'll keep her promise.

Vulpa releases Urara from the ropes, and then....

Vulpa: Now, you said you owed us an explanation...I would like to know, what is a Belzewolf like you doing around here, and why did you follow us?

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