Live to Tell 163

Wolufu: What should we do?
Vulpa: Hmph, I guess we can't leave her out here, although she doesn't deserve any help. Anyway, it's better to be safe than sorry....

Later, Vulpa decides to take some "precautions"....

Wolufu: Uh, Vulpa... do you think this is necesary? Isn't this a bit too much?
Vulpa: We don't know what is she capable of; even though she's weakened, she might able to fight back. Remember, she put that spell on you with just one look....
Wolufu: Yes, I guess you're right.
Vulpa: Besides the ones binding the ropes, I should put one more magic seal on her Jagan, that way she won't be able to open it and use her hidden powers or any other tricks she might have. Ah. There! This should be enough.

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