Live to Tell 161

Vulpa: Woaaaah!!!! I feel completely restored! Thank you Ru, you're awesome!
Wolufu: Huh!! Y-yes! You made it Ru! great job!
Ru: Y-you are welcome s-sister, t-thanks Wolufu.....
Wolufu: Ru!!!!
Vulpa: Oh no!! She used her remaining strength healing me!! She must be exhausted!
Wolufu: Ru!! Are you okay??
Ru: Y-Yes, but t-the most important thing is t-that both of y-you are ok... I j-just wanted to s-say I'm happy... b-because you s-saved me before, n-now I was able to s-save you, W-Wolufu... and.... I...I love you *Lick* ....

After using the last drop of strength she had, Ru faints.

Wolufu: Uh...I... err......
Vulpa: ......

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