Live to Tell 160

Ru: I'm so glad I saved you...
Wolufu: Ru.... Thank you....
Ru: Wolufu, can you help m-me get c-closer to Vulpa? I'm s-so tired, I c-can't reach h-her.
Wolufu: Yes, Ru!
Vulpa: Heh, we're all r-really injured, ugh!...S-seems you are the only one doing well right n-now, Wolufu.
Wolufu: Yes, although I was under the effect of that terrible spell, I'm lucky I didn't get hit. Dear!!!! Poor Vulpa, you're so wounded!!
Ru: Well, seems I didnt get the worst part in this fight after whole body hurts, but I think I don't have any broken bones....
Vulpa: Yes, I w-would like to say the s-same but... my body hurts so m-much that I hardly c-can move one arm now... *Cough cough* She broke m-my other arm and maybe 4 or 5 ribs, ouch!.... ungh....
Ru: Vulpa, can you give me your hand?
Vulpa: Uh.... I guess I can move my arm a bit.... OOOOH!!!! Thinking: This feels great!! I wouldn't have thought Ru still had enough power to use her healing magic after that battle!

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