Live to Tell 162

Wolufu: Err.... V-Vulpa! I-I don't know what to say, I-I didn't expect that coming from Ru and....
Vulpa: Awwww!!!! That was SO cute! It's beautiful when young people fall in love!!!! And it was my sister's first kiss too!!!! Yay!!!!
Wolufu: Eeehhh, heheheh Thinking: *Whew* At least she took it well.
Vulpa: *Chuckle* Congratulations my little Romeo, it seems that Ru is completely in love with you. I can see you two will be a pretty couple in the near future!
Wolufu: Hey no wait!! We're just friends!! Maybe she just kissed me in that way by coincidence.
Vulpa: *Sigh* It's always the same with the young males like you, it's hard for you to show or understand your true feelings. You should be more honest with yourself and with Ru, Wolufu. Anyway, we can keep talking about this later, now we must take care of our little heroine; after all, she fought hard against that little brat and healed us, now is our turn to return the favor.
Wolufu: Yes! You're right Vulpa! Poor Ru, she is really exhausted and injured, she needs some care now.

But Suddenly, Urara starts to move once again.

Urara: *Cough cough* *Slow breathing*
Wolufu: Huh?! Vulpa, it seems she's still alive!! I can hear her breathing, and seems she still has some energy left in her...

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