Live to Tell 108

Mysterious Character: Try to behave better from now on, ok?
Kemono Punks: ....
Mysterious Character: Hmm... Thinking: Oh! my scouter is detecting another two evil energies! It must be that two who are behind me! Maybe they suspect who I am after seeing one of my weapons... If they're like the other two I saw before I could be in great trouble. I can fight against one of these maybe, but against two...! No, it would be better if I avoid them and leave from here for now, that alley will be perfect!
Fully Polluted Kemono 1: Uh! He disappeared? It's only his clothes!
Fully Polluted Kemono 2: Shit! Who the fuck was that dude?
Mysterious Character: Thinking: Well, anyway I gathered some very good information here, the report will be very interesting...

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