Live to Tell 107

Mysterious Character: Why don't you try to find a job or let those kinds of vices go or try to get cured of the pollution, you two lazy scoundrels!
Punk Dog: Bad reply asshole!
Mysterious Character: Hm?
Punk Dog: Aaaarrrgh! My hand! This fuckin' son of a bitch cut my fuckin' hand off! Uoorrgh!
Punk Feline: Thinking: W-what the fuck IS this guy? We're dead!
Mysterious Character: Were you thinking of doing something with that knife?
Punk Feline: Heh he! N-nothing, nothing mister, my friend and I we were just playing...! He he... *gulps*
Mysterious Character: Heh I'm glad to know that! But didn't someone ever tell you that it's dangerous playing with sharp objects? Look what happened to your friend! But don't worry, I'll help you to ditch that dangerous thing... Hmm! Now that's better, don't you think so?
Punk Feline: ....

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