Live to Tell 109


Sally: Well here's our actual home! This place was plundered when this city began to be polluted and now almost nobody comes here because there's nothing more to steal here. Well, that's what the gangs think, tee hee.
Ru: Oh! This is the place where you and Josh are living with your friends Sally? Wow! This is a very big house!
Vulpa: He he, no Ru! That building's called a Shopping Center! I remember I came here when I first came with dad to this city 3 years ago... it looks really derelict now!
Sally: Hurry! They must be very worried about us now! Oh! Be careful when you come in! We put some primitive alarm systems near the doors with some ropes so we know if we're receiving some unwelcome visitors and you could stumble if you don't pay attention!

So in that building a cat girl is reading a story to the orphan kemono children to try to make them less worried about their friends who didn't come back yet while the older youngsters are thinking about searching or how to help their friends who haven't come back yet...

Cat Girl: And his adventures continued, but that's another chapter in the neverending story... Well, did you like this tale kids?
Kemono Children: Hooray! this was a great tale!
Cat Kid: Please read us another story!
Cat Girl: But, I'm not sure, I think we should go to dinner now I guess...
Old Beggar Kemono: HO ho! No problem! Dinner isn't ready yet, you could read another short story for them!
Cat Girl: Heh, ok... well kids, this story is about...

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