Live to Tell 102

Vulpa: Well Sally, aren't we going to meet with your friends?
Sally: Oh yes! tee hee, it will be better if we hurry, it's getting really late!
Josh: Yes the kinds must be worried about us now!
Ru: Are you feeling better Vulpa? Isn't your belly hurt anymore?
Vulpa: Heh, don't worry Ru, the pain I feel after that bullet was gone when you cured me from that scratches I had on my breasts, thank you.
Shady Character: Thinking: Hmm, das ist interessant! Ich dachte ich würde mich in dieser verschmutzten Stadt voller nutzloser, schwacher Kemonos langweilen. Diese zwei verseuchten Kemonos hatten eine hohe Kampfkraft. Auch diese Gruppe hat eine Menge an Kraft! Vor allem das kleine Mädchen! Hauptsache ich werde einen richtig guten Kampf haben! Ich werde es geniessen gegen sie zu kämpfen! He He. [Translated: Hmm, This is interesting! I was thinking I could get bored in this city full of useless and weak polluted kemonos! Those two polluted kemonos had good battle power, and that group has more power yet! Mainly that little girl! At least I will have a real battle! I'm sure I'll enjoy fighting them! He he!]

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