Live to Tell 101

After that...

Vulpa: Now I understand everything. These two fully polluted kemonos were controlling you and your friends! Well I hope all of you can get rid of the pollution and help this city get back to normal! Oh, and thanks for the shirt, it fits me very well!

Hyena Boss: Heh, it's the least I can do for ya after you and your friends helped us to get rid of those two Omega motherfuckers! Also your sister cured my friends of most of the pollution and wounds. My friends were behaving in that way from the pollution and the control that those two bastards had over them... Sorry. And I was pretending like I was a polluted one too because I was afraid that they would kill me or my friends. Also I never knew that somebody could defeat such fucking monsters like that, but I can see that this fucking world still has freaking awesome kemono people like you!

Vulpa: I'm very glad to know that. I was sure that you weren't really polluted like your friends. You have good will power and potential... would you like to join our party to fight against Omega? We could teach you how to use your powers as a kemono and you could help us very much! What you think?

Hyena Boss: What?! Are ya crazy?! No thanks! Sorry but I don't want to die so young! Also I ha

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