Live to Tell 103

Kemono Dude: Uh?
Completely Polluted Kemono 1: ROOARRGGRRL!
Kemono Dude: What the fuck?! AAAAARRRRGH!!!!
CPK2: Grrrr! That stupid, useless hyena bitch! I'll kill her soon! Fuck! Those wolves aren't ordinary kemonos! They can't be from here...
CPK1: Grrrr, yeah! *cough* Mainly that fuckin' little bitch! Those hits she gave me did a hell of a lot of damage... Ugh... *cough* Eggggaggrrrll, guorrrrgh!!!! Uhh... m-maybe she's that wolf child I heard that the Omega Stalkers were looking for!
CPK2: Yeah! We should inform Omega about this!
Shady Character: Nein! Das denke ich nicht! [Translated: No! I don't think so!]
CPK2: Huh? What the fuck! Who's there?
Shady Character: Also ihr seid die Art von Kemonos, die ihre Seelen an Omega
verkaufen um Macht zu erhalten? [Translated: So you're that kind of kemono, which sell their souls to Omega to get power?]

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