Fly Me to the Moon 13

Then after some rest and clean up, the alien girls became so happy and satisfied with Cody that they gave him the following proposal....

Sally: Telepathically: We have been thinking, and we would be really happy if you would stay with us, but we can't keep you here against your will Cody, so that's why you must decide what do you want to do. If you choose to stay with us, we'll give you everything you need in exchange for keeping us happy and teaching us more about love and feelings. We could show you lots of wonders in this universe. Or you can chose to go back to the Earth, but in that case you wouldn't be likely to see us again. Choose wisely Cody, maybe there are loved ones waiting for you or things you must do on Earth, and you won’t see them again or be able to do anything you had planned.
Cody: Hmm, yes, you're right.... Hmm.... What should I do?.....

Thinking: Wait a minute! Loved ones!? Yeah maybe that ex-girlfriend I had recently, the same whore who dumped me, and for worse! Her new boyfriend is one of those clowns with baggy clothes!! Yeah, sure, he's cool because he's from the uptown and he fucks good! Me? I was a boring asshole and slow, but can you believe she was just 24!? Bah, I hope he enjoys her, specially the herpes sheŽll give him for sure.

Oh yes, my friends... wait! I donŽt remember having any friends since elementary school! Damn, almost all the time I was surrounded by assholes, even coworkers thought I was a moron!

My parents, yes the same parents I was living with until one day those cheeky old pervs told me: "Son, you're too grown up to be living with us, so we think you should go live alone on your own, maybe find a good wife. You already have a good job so let's see if you can bring us a grandson someday..."

Heh, but I had the feeling that the true reason why they asked me to move was that when I was gone, they would have all the privacy they needed to do their twisted and disgusting sexual kinks, those selfish old fuckers!! I happened to discover that on my own one day when I came to visit them by surprise and their door was open, Urgh! I wish I never saw that, or heard those filthy things they were saying to each other. Gah! Why did I have to remember that!!!!

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