Fly Me to the Moon 12

Our friends started to try many different things, one of them was sex with no gravity which was a pretty interesting and safer way to have sex, since Cody’s weight could otherwise hurt the small bodies of the alien girls, and the alien girls’ psychic abilities couldn't harm Cody. In the process they tried different sexual foreplay methods like the blow job, tit fuck, and some others. Also, the alien girls developed a way to telepathically “send” their feelings of pleasure to him so he could feel the same reactions they were having, bringing their sexual experience to a new level, reaching orgasms 10 times more intense for both of them!!

After some hours of sexual activities, the Alien girls became satisfied and Cody almost died, but he was happy as well.

Sally: Telepathically: Oh Cody! That was wonderful! Can we do it again?
Cody: Ugh! Just l-let me r-rest for at least 5 minutes, p-please? You´ll kill me....
Kt2020: Telepathically: Cody? Can you give me an earthling name as well?
Cody: He he-heh.... Sure, j-just let me r-rest a bit.... and I guess I´ll be able to t-think about a n-name for y-you.... Can you g-give me s-some water?

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