Fly Me to the Moon 1

This is the story of a young Kemono named Cody. He had a shitty life, even if he was a good person, most of the townsfolk thought he was a dumbass. His girlfriend cheated on him because she found him too "slow" for her taste. His co-workers believed he was a joke and almost everytime he tried to do something well, he would screw it up. Then one day, he went fishing, thinking he would relax and forget about all his problems for a bit. The day passed, but at nightfall, he hadn't caught a single fish... and when he thought he finally got one, it ended being a dirty old boot. That was it. Filled with anger and frustration, our hero explodes...

Cody: GGRRAAHH!! Ok, that's it!! Im SO tired of this shit!! I've always been a nice guy and the only thing I get from everyone else is CRAP!! Fuck you all!! I fucking hate my town, and I fucking hate this planet!!!

Be careful, wishes sometimes come true...

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