Fly Me to the Moon 14

Cody: Dear lord! What was I thinking!? Iím an asshole for hesitating so much about my decision.
Sally: Telepathically: And what was your decision, Cody?
Cody: Of course Iíll stay with you! There is no reason for me to go back to Earth!
Sally: Telepathically: Iīm so glad to hear that!
Alien girls: Telepathically: YAAAY!!!!
Cody: WOAH!! Seems you've been studying earthlings behavior more than I thought!
Sally: Telepathically: Iím so happy, Cody... I canít tell you with words how sad I would been if you left us, because I've developed feelings of love for you.
Cody: And I fell in love with you as well Sally. Alien or not, youíre the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to spend with you and your friends the rest of my life if you wish. Nothing else matters...
Sally: Telepathically: C-Cody....
Cody: Kiss me, Sally....

After that, nobody saw Cody again around the neighborhood. Some people said he got lost in the woods, others that he escaped to another country, or that maybe he married Bigfoot, or he was snatched by aliens.

What is true is that the night he disappeared many people saw a strange shooting star in the night sky, but we know what happened to him. He lived and enjoyed the rest of his life happy with his alien mates, and they created a new kind of hybrids somewhere in the universe, full of love and without any feelings of hate or evil, creating a true Eden. ^_^

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