Fly Me to the Moon 10

Cody discovered how dangerous can be having sex with a being who have very powerful psychic skills....

Kt1990: Telepathically: Oh no! Cody!
Cody: Ungh! Oh! *whew* Just in time, that was close! Thank you!
Kt1990: Telepathically: I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you that my race developed psycokinetic skills aside from the telepathic language. Sorry if I almost hurt you, but the sensation was so intense and wonderful than I lost control of my psychic powers. Cody.... I never thought this sensation could be so good and intense. It's hard to describe, it w-was like, if a nova began to expand into my belly and crotch and suddenly exploded in me.... this was one of the most wonderful experiences I've had in my life. Than you very much Cody!... Cody, can you give me a female earthling name? And give me more of your care? It feels so good and warm.
Cody: Of course Sally. Do you like this name?
Sally: Telepathically: I love it Cody....
Cody: Come here baby....

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