Fly Me to the Moon 9

Cody:I want a chance to make you happy.... Kiss me....

Then after some more foreplay they started with the reproductive act....

Cody: Unnhmm.
Kt1990: Telepathically: Mmnfh!
Cody: Oh! Blood! I forgot you were virgin! I’m sorry if I hurt you, if you want me to stop now....
Kt1990: Telepathically: D-Donīt worry Cody, it hurt me a bit at the beginning since this is a whole new experience to me, but itīs ok now, it's starting to feel really good! Please continue.
Cody: As you wish.

Then the experience continued without any other issue until they reached the climax.

Kt1990: Telepathically: Ah ah ah ahh.... Nyaaaaah!!!!
Cody: Uooooh!!!!

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