Starfox: Conflict and Compromise 3

As time passed, this became a problem for Falco.

As she became more and more skilled as wingman, Fox began to choose her for missions that he would usually use Falco for. Also, onboard the ship and during downtime, Fox and Krystal were virtually inseparable.

Peppy: Fox, we've received an SOS from a commercial ship. It's being attacked by space pirates.
Fox: Hey, this is a perfect mission for us! C'mon Krystal, let's go!
Krystal: Are you sure? I'm not sure I'd be much help...
Fox: Are you kidding? You'll be a big help, trust me!
Falco: Hey fox! I'm ready for some action! Let's kick some space pirate ass, buddy.
Fox: It's okay, Falco, you can take a break this time, Krystal and I will do this mission.
Falco: Thinking: W-what the hell is going on here?! Having me sit this one out?! This is the type of mission that I'm best at! I don't like this...

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