Starfox: Conflict and Compromise 2

After the initial reforming of team Starfox, everything seemed to be going well between the team members...

Krystal: Thanks for the uniform, guys, it's really comfortable. We even match now, huh Fox?
Starfox Crew: *Drools*
Fox McCloud: Yeah! I'm glad that you liked the new clothes. Thinking: I can't wait to see how she looks in those pink panties I bought her. Hehe.

Krystal spent many hours training, first in simulation then in actual missions, honing her skills as pilot. As time passed, she became more and more skilled as wingman...

Fox: Damn! I missed a ship to the right!
Krystal: No problem, I got it covered! Are you alright?
Fox: Yeah, thanks to you, Krystal! You're a very fast learner and a good shot!

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