Starfox: Conflict and Compromise 1

This story begins in the time line after Fox McCloud defeat Andross, save the Dinosaur planet the Lylat System and rescue Krystal...
Then in the Great Fox...

Krystal: I just wanted to say thank you...
Fox: Heh, it was a pleasure help you!
Rob: I detect an increase in Fox's body temperature. Mainly in his crot-.
Fox: HEY!!!! That is enough! Shut up, Rob!
Great Fox's Crew: *Laughs*
Krystal: *giggles*

This is the beginning of a series based on a Starfox fan fiction that Dracos Blackwing wrote. @_@ I hope you will enjoy it. ^_^

 Mariano can be contacted at FurAffinity.
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