Live to Tell 98

Ru: Vulpa!!!!
KFG Real Boss 2: You'd better worry about yourself right now! He he he he! Now you're mine, little bitch!
Sally: RU!!!!
Wolufu: Ru, behind you! Watch out! DAMN!
Ru: Uh?
KFG Real Boss 2: Uoorrrgh!!!!
Ru: I'll never forgive you! You hurt my sister! That's enough; I can't stand it anymore!!!
Mysterious Character: Oh! Thinking: That was impressive! At the moment when that little girl with marks got angry my scouter almost broke from the huge amount of energy that she released!!! And it's still marking high energy levels in the big one, the non-antrho, and these two polluted kemonos, but that little girl is something unusual!
Sally: W-wow! I never knew that you were so strong Ru!!!
Mysterious Character: Thinking: Coming to this city to do investigation work was worth it after all! So this is how a completely polluted kemono looks! And that girl with the marks; I don't know if she's the prophecy child, but my Lady Tori and the republic council will find this data very interesting!

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