Live to Tell 97

KFG Real Boss: I will enjoy killing you! Ha ha ha ha!
Vulpa: Thinking: They have good speed! They must have a higher power level than a big Omega Stalker! I need to be careful...
KFG Real Boss: Fuck! Stand still bitch, so I can kill you quicker! He he he he!
Vulpa: Mngh, Waah! Thinking: Shit, he ripped my clothes! That was close... If I'm not careful he could kill me!
KFG Hooligan: Shit! What a wonderful view!
KFG Big Hooligan: Yeah! Those are the best birthday balloons I've ever seen!
KFG Hyena Boss: Grrrr....
KFG Hooligan: O-oh...! B-boss! We were just... s-shit... he he h-he, she can't compare w-with you, you'll always be the s-sexiest boss in this city! He he...
KFG Big Hooligan: Thinking: I wish I never said that with her here! We're in big fuckin' trouble now!

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