Live to Tell 62

Wolufu: Ru! Look there!
Ru: Hey! We should do something!
Little Kemono Girl: *Hic, sob!* No, please stop! Leave me alone! *sob, sob!* Don`t touch me there!
Pedophile Pimp: C'mon, cooperate and I will be nice to you, he he he he!
Ru: Hey! Can't you hear her? She told you to leave her alone! You're a bad person and I won't let you continue with this!!!!
Pedophile Pimp: What the fuck?! Who dares to meddle in my business? Uh...! Thinking: Hmm, she's a very nice one and looks very healthy! She must be a peasant or something, I could probably take advantage of her very easily, he he he he! Oh excuse me little girl... Hey I like your attitude, you're very pretty!
Ru: Uh?! Oh thanks, but...
Pedophile Pimp: Oh please let me finish. I have a proposal for you. Would you like to work for me? I can buy nice things for you, sweetie! What do you think? he he he he...

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