Live to Tell 63

Ru: Well, this is my answer, you bad man!
Pedophile Pimp: Gllllh!....*
Ru: You thought that you could fool me, pretending be nice huh? My sister told me about bad people like you already! I hope after this you will learn your lesson and never bother any more innocent girls like her again!
Wolufu: Are you okay?
Little Kemono Girl: Yes, thank you! Thank you very much! You can think of yourselves as my brother and sister now!
Ru: I'm glad that we got here just in time before that bad guy did bad things to you and polluted your soul too!
Vulpa: Oh! So you here are! Ru! Wolufu! How many times have I told you not to go far away from me! You scared me! Grrrr!
Ru: Oh! Sorry sister! Let me explain, we saw that girl in trouble and we were in a hurry to help her and we... forgot to warn you... heh...
Wolufu: Uh Oh! Looks like your big sister will tell us off again!
Little Kemono Girl: Ru?! Where have I heard that name before...? Hey!....

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