Live to Tell 59

Wolufu: He he heh... err... Thinking: Uh oh, I'm starting to think that I should have just stayed asleep. I'm in really big trouble now.
Vulpa: Eeeeeeeek! How dare you spy on me, you little pervert!!!!
Wolufu: Wooooaah! No, wait! Let me explain!
Vulpa: Explain what? You damn pervert, you'd better start running because if I catch you you'll wish you never saw that!
Wolufu: Heeeey! No, don't do that, yipe! I just heard your moans and I thought that there was something wrong with you! I just was worried! Wooooah! Ahh!
Ru: Hm? What's all the noise for? Thinking: Oh, it's Vulpa and Wolufu! Looks like they're playing tag! Hey! I want to play around, too, but don't you think that this is a better time to be sleeping?
Vulpa: ...
Wolufu: ...

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