Live to Tell 60

After some time:

Vulpa: Ru, I know that you like that dress very much, but it's very torn and dirty now. It'll be better if you change your dress now don't you think? We have plenty of spare dresses for you to wear!
Ru: NO!!!! I'm never changing this dress!!! *sob, hic!* This was the last dress that mommy bought for me!!!! *sob, sob!*
Vulpa: *sigh* Ok, ok! I'm only trying to give you advice... Thinking: This damn kid and her whims! ...Hey we've arrived at the city!
Ru: *sob...* Uh! H-hey! Isn't that the city where Spinel was living?
Vulpa: Yes, it is! Looks like Omega didn't destroy it yet! Perhaps we can buy or find something useful here! But it's strange... it looks a little different than the last time I visited it with dad! Like it's polluted or something...

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