Live to Tell 154

Vulpa: Ru.... Thinking: Such p-power! This time it's even b-bigger than when we faced Omega!... I'm s-sure she can defeat her n-now... Keep it up Ru! Kick that little fucker's ass for me!
Urara: Thinking: This energy! She must be using all her power now!
Ru: I won't forgive you!!!
Urara: Thinking: This is great! At last, I will be able to fight against a real opponent! I'm pushing my limits, but I'll use whatever is left from my powers now!!! Hehehehe! Ok! Lassen sie uns es tun! Dieses ist die runde Endrunde!

And for the first time, with a sudden burst of energy, Ru unleashed all the power that was sleeping deep inside her...

Urara: Hahahaha!!
Ru: GGggrrrr!!

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